Current Operations


ONE Cannabis is defining the modern retail cannabis experience by creating a welcoming environment where customers gravitate to our premium products, superior customer service, and attention to detail. Our cannabis retail stores offer a best-in-class experience that extinguishes the stigma and makes shopping for cannabis products a casual and comfortable event.


ONE Cannabis has set itself apart as a market leader in cultivating the highest quality products and controlling all aspects of the supply chain to our retail and franchise locations.

It all starts with cultivation. Our Colorado facility consists of 118,000 sq. ft. of high-tech indoor cultivation with the capacity to produce over 12 million grams of premium cannabis flower annually. Our facility operates 365 days a year with a variety of award-winning strains to continually supply Colorado’s legal cannabis market.


ONE Cannabis is one of the first concepts to bring the franchise business model to the cannabis industry, and it is our goal to help others compliantly operate their businesses without having to learn the expensive lessons of growing a cannabis dispensary or cultivation facility.

As a franchise, ONE Cannabis eases the barrier to market entry, making cannabis entrepreneurship more feasible to a wider group. Through the franchise opportunities, prospective dispensary and cultivation owners can be on the forefront of the young and explosive cannabis industry with complete confidence by tapping into the expertise of our award-winning team and best practices.

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