As the ONE Cannabis(ONE) team travels across North America, meeting with everyone from potential investors and prospective franchisees to potential business partners and bankers, they often find themselves answering a lot of the same questions surrounding franchising and cannabis.

This blog post is the first of a Franchise FAQ series that will attempt to answer those questions for a wider audience. Typically, the conversation starts with ONE confirming that our model is possible.

It’s a simple question that gets asked at every turn— “How is franchising in cannabis possible?”

The ‘What, When and Why’ of the equation are all very exciting, as cannabis is an intriguing industry that’s prime for entry. However, the ‘How’ is a bit anticlimactic. The short answer is— just like all the other franchises.

Our business operates like any traditional franchise. ONE is licensed in legal cannabis states to franchise, our franchise disclosure document (FDD) is up to snuff and we have a seasoned franchise team ready to add another unit to our operation or support our franchisees at anytime.

All the benefits and support that franchisees expect with any other franchise concept are available with ONE. Whether its training employees and navigating cannabis tax regulations or site selection and implementing standard operating procedures, we offer a wider array of support than most franchises in order to help our franchisees conquer hurdles unique to cannabis. The support ONE offers is the company’s principal value to its franchisees. The experience that comes with successfully navigating the industry for a decade is an incomparable asset to those who have the means, but not the know-how, to open their dispensary doors with confidence.

So in a nutshell, that’s how.

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