As the ONE Cannabis (ONE) team travels across North America, they often find themselves answering a lot of the same questions surrounding franchising and cannabis. This blog post is part of the Franchise FAQ series that will attempt to answer those questions for a wider audience.

Question: How do I get product if cannabis can’t be transported over state lines?

Cannabis cannot, under any circumstances, cross state lines. All wholesale cannabis purchases have to be conducted within the same state the product is grown, harvested, and sold in. Limited points of supply are one of the reasons cannabis has remained a fractured industry for more than a decade— it’s harder to build a national brand when the product legally has to be sourced from dozens of different states. Product purchase is also one of the factors that makes the barrier to entry in cannabis so considerable. Those hoping to break into the industry will have to weigh their options and make a decision that will impact every aspect of their business afterwards.

So dispensary owners need to start their own grow or purchase their product from an in-state cultivator.

All growers are not the same. The level of consistency and eye for detail necessary to maintain a steady flow of quality product takes a considerable amount of skill. Regardless of how well your dispensary runs, having access to premium product at all times is crucial when it comes to keeping your doors open. Finding an in-state grower gets progressively more complex for owners of multiple stores or those who operate in multiple states. It’s not that cultivators are hard to find— it’s finding the right one.

ONE Cannabis has hundreds of professional relationships across the country and cultivation expertise that’s landed us six High Times Cannabis Cups and countless other awards. We help our franchisees by aligning them with reliable suppliers through our own relationships or assessing the quality of other growers in the area. In states where franchises are expected to open in volume, we’re already establishing partnerships with cultivators that will directly benefit our franchisees.

So keep it between state lines and know that ONE Cannabis will be there to guide you along the way through the product purchase process.


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