Your Marijuana Franchise Opportunity

Investing in a marijuana franchise opportunity is a major commitment. Potential franchisees should consider the many unique factors linked to entering into the cannabis space and compare them to their personal goals— in addition to adhering to state regulations and examining our franchise business model, franchisees should understand that ONE Cannabis (ONE) emphasizes a strong working relationship with our franchisees. That’s why ONE Cannabis approaches each potential partnership on a case by case basis, because you aren’t the same as everyone else.

There are, however, some common themes that carry over for each candidate who is interested in franchising with ONE Cannabis. Our current franchisees took a route to becoming a part of the company that’s similar to what future franchisees will take. After solidifying the process, we found that interested parties are asking the same questions about becoming a franchisee. In addition to our Franchise FAQ series, we’ve put together a short guide to walk interested parties through the process we’d be taking together. Here’s the low down on what to expect.

Contacting and Partnering with ONE Cannabis

Once you’ve decided that marijuana franchising could be the route you want to take, the first step is to contact us through our website. You will be contacted by our VP of Franchise Development who will begin walking you through the education process. Our franchise team has structured this step so that both sides get a chance to understand the culture of the other. Turning your marijuana franchise opportunity into a successful business is all about building a rapport, so we work hard to understand your goals as a business owner, while getting to know you and ensuring you meet our financial requirements. This part of the process is known as mutual investigation.

Roles Defined: ONE Cannabis Franchise and You

Here’s the short of it— ONE has a valuable combination of resources you can’t get anywhere else. We have high grade, exclusive products with track records and Cannabis Cup wins that speak for themselves. Those products have come to fruition at the hands of savvy industry experts who’ve worked, failed, learned, and succeeded until they became the best in the business. Our role is to provide you with proven systems, valuable resources, and a roadmap for success. We aren’t the only ones who can make that claim, but we are the only ones who have the unique ability to marry this skillset with the knowledge of franchise experts. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the pack— lots of operators have considerable cannabis skills, but none of them are able to navigate franchise laws and practices the same way ONE can.

The role of the ONE Cannabis franchisee role is to flourish within the systems laid out before you and efficiently run your own cannabis business. The beauty of franchising is that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will have a system of support at your disposal to guide you along your journey.

Required Investment

Our costs and fees are transparent for everyone’s benefit. New marijuana franchisees of the ONE Cannabis team will pay an initial franchise fee of 100k and a percentage of future sales. The total amount of investment could range from 750k to 2.5 million depending on location and the outlook of operations. These costs will vary by state, as is the case with most cannabis-related ventures. California’s market requires more capital to penetrate than some newly legalized states, for example. This amount is a direct investment in our ability to build a strong foundation on which your business can thrive.

Discovery Day and FDD review

At this important step, you’ll meet the team responsible for supporting you in addition to reviewing franchise documents that will lay the groundwork for our relationship moving forward. Whether you’re getting on board for one franchise or five, this is the step where business begins to formalize. Franchisees will tour our facilities in Colorado and understand how they work together to keep the consumer engaged.

Once you become a ONE Cannabis franchisee, our team will work with you on site selection, construction, marketing, training, and grand opening arrangements. The timeline will vary depending on location. If you’re interested in learning more about ONE Cannabis franchise opportunities, get in touch with us today! Comment below with any further questions.

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