Each year, around 250,000 military members conclude their service and are reintroduced to the civilian workforce — one of the greatest challenges most military veterans face.

As dependable and proven members of society, there’s tremendous value in connecting them with a route to self-sustained prosperity, and the most viable vehicle on that route is franchising. The transition back to civilian life can be made much easier for veterans if they seize the opportunity to go into business for themselves with a game plan and an opportunity to succeed. 

It’s well documented how valuable military veterans as franchisees– although they’re just 7 percent of the U.S. population, they make up 14 percent of all franchisees. The International Franchise Association’s (IFA) VetFran program found that 99 percent of franchisors report that veterans have proven to be a good fit as corporate employees, and 97 percent had the same sentiment toward franchisees with a military background.

Military veterans thrive in structured environments and know how to follow a plan. They also have the tenacity and leadership needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. All of these vital characteristics make them the best kind of candidates for franchise systems and simultaneously puts their future back in their hands. 

Those who may feel too old to start from scratch or find themselves without formal business experience should know there’s an option that suits their needs and complements the organized path they’ve already been walking. For veterans interested in creating their own business instead of climbing someone else’s ladder, franchising is the answer.


A strong voice for a new industry

The franchise community knows how compatible they are with veterans– add cannabis into the mix and you’ve got a winning formula.

Cannabis is a rare opportunity. With unrivaled potential and a medicinal element that many veterans advocate for, military men and women could find themselves as thought leaders and respected members of an industry still in its infancy. In this unique market, there’s more opportunity than anywhere else to turn their motivational skills and strong work ethic into a stable, successful business they can build the next phase of their life on.

Veterans are respected members of virtually every community– them embracing cannabis and showing the positive benefits of the plant would go a long way in normalizing the industry. If we can become a true source of betterment for the veteran community, much of the stigma the cannabis industry collectively faces would greatly weaken.

People want veterans to have access to cannabis. People want veterans to lead fruitful lives. People want social justice for veterans. 

Franchising can be the answer to all of that. It’s a win for everyone and a demographic people should be advocating for.

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