Imagine what the franchise model could do in an industry where a 37-store operation is considered a giant.

Cannabis is seen by many as an elusive golden opportunity that’s attracted ambitious entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe. Many hopeful businesses in the cannabis industry have tried and failed.  Many have toiled and evolved with the backing and grit to survive the long runway to some version of success.  All in the cannabis industry have built their brand store by store. The largest of these concepts boast as many as 37 stores, which so far has been a significantly large number for the industry.

With the right approach, the right partners, the golden opportunity becomes far less elusive.


Enter a Complicated Industry with Confidence

ONE Cannabis (ONE) has built its comprehensive franchise model from ground up, drawing from the combined pool of considerable knowledge offered by its employees. Decades of franchise and cannabis experience have been funneled by experts into one working collective— with ONE, the hurdles of cannabis are entirely manageable.

Many investors have held off thus far because they see cannabis as a high-risk venture. The industry is notably complex and regulations that only apply to a single state to begin with are constantly changing. From an outsider’s perspective, penetrating the barrier to entry might seem like more trouble than it’s worth— which could be true if you go it alone. Cannabis is indeed a high-risk industry, which is why there are high rewards. The team that ONE Cannabis has assembled makes all of the difference, allowing franchisees to get the rewards and mitigate some of the risk.


Cannabis is Ideal for Diversifying Franchise Portfolios

The seasoned franchisee understands the advantages of the balance that accompanies diversification. Stability is integral to any solid portfolio and allows franchisees to subdue the peaks and valleys that are present across industries. Owning a multiple fast QSR or fitness concepts may ground the operation, but spreading assets out across multiple diverse industries makes the peaks higher and the valleys easier to ride out. The most valuable aspect of a stable portfolio, however, is giving the owner the confidence needed to proceed with more lucrative opportunities.


Join the Booming Cannabis Industry with a Sound Investment

Cannabis is poised to be an $80 billion industry in the next decade. Franchising is the most viable option for the uninitiated to become a part of that growth while mitigating much of the risk. ONE brings all of the necessary resources together under one roof for those eager to drill into cannabis and open their dispensary doors with confidence.

The company’s pioneer business model is stands firmly on the shoulders of CEO Christian Hageseth’s decade of cannabis experience. His deft navigation of the industry is reflected in the success of Green Man Cannabis, an entity that’s been rolled up into ONE Cannabis. Along the way to solidifying his abilities and winning several cannabis cups, Hageseth learned from the costly mistakes he wants to help others avoid.


Shared Understanding of Franchising and the Value of Systems & Processes

Above all else, multi-unit franchisees understand the value of the system, which pushes the conversation forward in a direction that benefits both parties. Those conversations reflect our larger ability to empower would-be cannabis operators and usher them into an unparalleled and invigorating landscape. As ONE continues to standardize the industry with compliant systems and processes in place to ensure scalable growth, the company will leverage the full potential of franchising to make 37 a stores a standard, not a summit. Together with its franchisees, ONE hopes to inspire confidence in cannabis for all.

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