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3 Common Denominators in Social Equity

It’s difficult to know just where to begin with social equity. At best, it’s safe to say most Americans are only just familiarizing themselves with the idea. Most of the online traffic...

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Social equity

5 Things We Learned About Cheech Marin

Talking to Cheech Marin is exactly what you’d expect in some ways— he’s playful, meditative and approachable, like many of the on-screen characters he’s portrayed over his decades-long career. In...

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cheech marin

The Importance of Meditation for Creativity

Clear Your Mind.   Want to be productive? Learn how to be still. Meditation is not new. It’s actually very, very old. Some accounts of Hindu scripts describe a method similar to the one we use...

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man meditating on beach

Six Good Reasons to Buy a Marijuana Franchise

“It’s just business” has been a famous line in movies for decades. It’s usually uttered as the villain is preparing to do something heinous. In real life, “just business” is more than just a...

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Opening a Marijuana Dispensary – 6 Traits

There are a lot of things people miss coming out of the gate when opening a marijuana dispensary. It’s not easy to find solid statistics in an emerging industry, but one thing is certain: it’s...

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Cannabis Jobs Set to Explode by 2020

There will be an estimated 280,000 new cannabis jobs created by 2020 My first job was at a little racetrack in Ohio called the Midvale Speedway. I ran the candy stand, selling Skittles and...

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Marijuana Franchise Opportunity

Your Marijuana Franchise Opportunity Investing in a marijuana franchise opportunity is a major commitment. Potential franchisees should consider the many unique factors linked to entering into...

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