With six High Times Cannabis Cup wins to date, ONE Cannabis offers the highest quality cannabis flower product on the market to provide the best possible experience to both cannabis connoisseurs and first-time users.

Whether you vape, smoke, or enjoy creating your own edibles, raw cannabis flower from a cannabis plant can offer many benefits, and there are many varieties with various effects to choose from. Those varieties (strains) fall under the following categories:

Indicas – can help manage pain/sleep along with many other ailments.
Sativas – provide the uplifted cerebral effect and may also help with many other medical conditions.
Hybrids – can help relax and provide many of the same benefits as Indicas and Sativas.

These examples are just a thin sliver of all the varieties and benefits cannabis can offer. Flower is the traditional method of consumption.


From aches and pains to post-op recovery, cannabis topicals provide many of the medicinal, pain-relieving benefits without the psychoactive effects that can be experienced with the ingestion of high THC. Our locations offer a wide variety of products to serve our customers’ needs.


This tasty method of consumption is a great alternative to smoking. Cannabis edibles come in a large assortment of types and doses and can offer a wide variety of benefits. Edibles often kick in around 30 minutes to one hour, so the important thing to remember is to start slow and low. Our professionally trained budtenders can help identify the right cannabis edible for you and advise you on dosages to help ensure you have a pleasant experience.


If you’re looking for high THC potency and a fast consumption method that provides a quick and long-lasting effect, cannabis oils (concentrates) have become a preferred option. This form of cannabis consumption can also be used to create your own edibles with a less ”hashy” flavor. This method continues to grow in popularity and more varieties are being produced.

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