“It’s just business” has been a famous line in movies for decades. It’s usually uttered as the villain is preparing to do something heinous. In real life, “just business” is more than just a throwaway line. A person’s business is important, and they should get all the help they can get. 

As the cannabis industry itself continues to explode across new markets, there are many advantages to buying into the cannabis franchise system. And as the first marijuana franchise in the world, ONE Cannabis is your best choice.

Built-in Cannabis Branding Has Its Benefits

What’s in a name?

In the business world, everything. Entrepreneurs have to contend for respect when they begin a business, and trust is their hard-won trophy. When you become part of ONE Cannabis, you’ve already cleared the first hurdle that trips up so many. Our vision is to make the ONE Cannabis name synonymous with quality and dependability.

Exclusive Marijuana Products

Becoming the distributor of unique commodities can make all the difference to consumers.  Take, for example, Colorado’s Ghost Train Haze— the Cannabis Cup winner that Leafly calls “legendary.” The presence of heavily coveted products that consumers can’t buy anywhere else is overwhelmingly advantageous to the person who can make those products available.

Legal Know-How in The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has settled into a more standardized environment, which is good for everybody. It means that a process, however complicated, has emerged on how to operate. The knowledgeable veterans of the industry have typically been around since the beginning of legalization, when new rules were added as they went. Because of this, they’ve learned how to operate within the confines of legality as well as take new regulations in stride.

So take advantage of their experience. That knowledge is a priceless resource that helps franchisees navigate the muddled legal cannabis landscape.

The Best of Both Businesses

Franchising is a budding phenomenon in a tyro industry. It’s also a happy medium between corporate and small business— a locally owned operation supported by the resources of a larger entity. That kind of beneficial combination can’t be obtained any other way.  

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Utilize those with answers to the questions you haven’t even thought to ask. The ideal location for a dispensary, how to build it to comply to state law, and what distributors will help you fill it with top of the line merchandise — all taken care of. That’s the kind of advantage that comes with franchising. It may be a first for you, but it’s routine for them.

Cannabis Marketing is a breeze

You’ve got the name; you’ve got the know-how. Now how do you get it out there? Social media is the beating heart of advertising today. With a skilled team of professionals available to help you navigate social media marketing, you will build greater awareness and engage your target audience. Franchising opens marijuana dispensary owners up to a larger audience as well as a greater web of contacts.

Contact us today  with any questions on how franchises make business better!

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