Expertise is a major element of ONE Cannabis’ (ONE) services. Becoming an expert in anything means drawing from a vast pool of knowledge and piecing it all together in an innovative way. Whether you’re franchising or striking out on your own, it’s helpful to utilize every resource at your disposal before entering the cannabis industry, which is notoriously complex.

There are a ton of informative, thought-provoking literature out there that describe fruitful strategies for cannabis ventures. The cannabis booklist compiled below is a great starting point for diving into the vast index of cannabis know-how.



The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis

Between Ted Talks and cannabis coaching, Michael Zaytsev has created an impressive compilation of what he calls “concentrated advice.” The immersive guide delves into techniques used by some of the biggest names in the industry and does a great job of detailing the various moving parts of a successful cannabis operation. His talent for guiding others through a nascent market has garnered him a strong following among cannabis enthusiasts.

Also, as one reviewer put it, his book is, “highly readable and readable while high,” so there’s that.



Smoke Signals

Understanding the long history of cannabis and its role in American culture will give the average reader a stronger comprehension of what cannabis has meant in the past to so many different groups. Yes, it was an identifier of the 1960’s counterculture. Sure, maybe George Washington grew hemp in his garden– but these tidbits of historical knowledge don’t paint nearly as vivid of a picture as Martin A. Lee’s exploratory account of what marijuana means to Americans and how it became a billion-dollar industry. Spoiler: it’s about a lot more than tie dye and music.


Navigating Safe Harbor

Federal laws continue to inhibit the full realization  of cannabis’ potential, specifically in the realm of banking. Most banks won’t open accounts for cannabis operators, making the businesses incredibly dependent on cash. Safe Harbor banks are one of the few alternatives and arguably the leading authority on banking a federally illegal business. Author Sundie Seefried has been on the forefront of the phenomenon since the beginning and has served as CEO of a safe harbor bank since before cannabis was legal. Her book offers much-needed insight on navigating through the process of banking, which is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity.


Big weed

Written by ONE Cannabis CEO Christian Hageseth, Big Weed details Hageseth’s journey through the first three years of his legal cannabis career. The canna-prenuer has been involved in the Colorado cannabis industry since the very beginning. The industry has since bounded lightyears ahead, and it’s interesting to see just how quickly that happened. Understanding how far cannabis has come in a few short years can help newcomers predict future market trends and recognize the importance of timeliness. Hageseth’s book gives hopeful entrepreneurs a behind-the-scenes look at  successful entry into the business.


Start Your Own Cannabis Business

Notable cannabis reporter and advocate Javier Hasse penned a thorough account of how to enter the industry confidently. He covers everything from tax regulations and team building to business plans and legal strategies. Hasse’s adept coverage of the various business approaches to cannabis is on full display. This book can serve as a checklist that helps vet the countless cannabis opportunities currently available.


Marijuana Horticulture

No understanding of a business is complete without a comprehensive grasp of the product you sell. For cultivation entrepreneurs, this book is a no-brainer– but retailers have just as much need for this kind of information. Notable cultivator Jorge Cervantes’ tome covers everything from lighting, trimming, water intake, and harvest. Whatever avenue you’re taking into the cannabis industry, a working knowledge of production will benefit your capability of differentiating the knowledgeable from the rest of the crowd.

The combined insight of these cannabis books serves as a well-rounded introduction to the different aspects of a burgeoning industry. Entering into any one sector– cultivation, retail, ancillary– requires a fundamental understanding of the others. Ambitious entrepreneurs would do well to keep this in mind– learn from everyone, and eventually others will learn from you.


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